Education Through The Restart® Program

Dawn is very knowledgeable about nutrition. Her explanations are easy to understand. Being a healthcare professional, I thought that I knew a lot about nutrition, but I learned so much more through this program. -S. D-C.

Regarding The Restart® Program

This program changed my life. I was unhappy and on a bad track with my health. I was at a loss as how to change it, and this class gave me the knowledge + tools to turn my life around. -W.N.

Regarding The Restart® Program

I have learned so much about my body and how sugar has a negative effect on it. It’s the best decision ever! -S.D.

"Well, I did it. It worked.”

I just passed my R.N.L.I. lifeguard retest in South Devonshire, England, but even though I passed I was in the worst shape of my life. Then I remembered a colleague I'd worked with on yachts, Dawn Cameron. She had introduced me to Paleo and real food at a time when I took noticed but only tried half-heartedly and bailed. I contacted Dawn again explaining where I was with diet and fitness and she told me about the Whole30 and well, I did it. It worked. So thank you Dawn.

— K.C.

"From the moment I decided to take my life back and get in control of my eating, Dawn was there."

It didn’t happen overnight and my only wish is that I had consulter her and followed through with her advice much sooner. When I first met Dawn she was already following the paleo diet. Dawn and her husband Tony were in great shape and I wondered what their secret was…

“Eat real food.” That is it. No fad diets, no pills, no shakes, no extreme soup diets, just real food, she would say. It was over a year later after trying other diets and trends, I began exercising again. I had been in contact with Dawn throughout the time- she was still following Paleo (and looking incredible) and I was still following whatever new trend popped up.

She had finally got through to me and I tried the Whole30, which is 30 days of extremely clean eating. No junk, no soy, dairy, alcohol, grains or gluten. Just real food. It is an amazing restart for your body and I plan on doing it at least once per year. Everyone would ask me- “what can you eat??” I’d reply, “everything!” The more I cooked, the more I learned and at this time I was working on a yacht cooking for 8 crew—little did they know, they were doing the Whole30 too! They would approach me and say, “That couldn’t have been healthy” to my southern friend chicken made with almond flour and desiccated coconut and sweet potato fries, spiralized and cooked off in coconut oil, as they all enjoyed it so much!

This was only the beginning. Dawn would send me recipes, encouraging me to keep trying. Any bump in the road I would hit, she would remind me how far I had come and how I was changing my lifestyle…One bad meal didn’t matter- get back on it- as I was still on the road to success! I didn’t stop at the Whole30, I now just generally eat real food. I do drink alcohol again, but not half as much as before, and I do have gluten and a little dairy here and there, but my food choices are based around protein, good fats, lots of veggies and some good carbs on the side. 

I didn’t pay for Dawn’s services at this stage, this is just how passionate she is for people to change their food to change their life. Daily she would find time between her day job- to message me recipes, words of wisdom and encouragement. This is only one testament to her dedication to helping others. Now I believe her knowledge and experience is worth its weight in gold; no, saffron! (Couldn’t help with the chef pun, appologies). Not only has eating better changed my body for the good, obviously, but it’s changed my way of life.  I no longer feel the need to be out drunk every Friday night. I am more positive, have more energy, more drive, more motivation, am more spiritually aware, quite literally, fitter, faster and stronger- in mind, body and soul.

Thank you Dawn, you have truly helped me turn my life around. -M.P.